Welcome To Our new Website!


Welcome to our new website!

It's November 11th, 2015 and our goal to get this new website and Blog launched was August 31, 2015 ... so, we're only 2+ months past due... LOL!!  If I've learned anything in this life journey of faith and baking, it's that patience, trust, courage, outward focus, and will are constantly the order of the day. Yep, that's why I suggest that goal setting is effective and very important  but, perseverance is really the key! Sometimes we fall, sometimes we detour to look after someone, sometimes we need to pause and pray about our goals. Ya know what? If you don't make your deadline, what are you going to do about it? You obviously know our answer <3

To help you feel a little more acquainted with us, here's a "sneak - peak" into every day that we choose to make a difference in our corner, (God willing), to reach you in yours:

  Paul and I wake up to the best family in the world (had to post that hilarious picture! Check out what his shirt says - LOL!)

Every morning, Paul takes a nature walk with our dog, Brodie,  and prays for our city.


Then we begin the day with the family's morning devotions, (this is where we get our patience, trust, courage, outward focus, will... and much much more!). I also  make the family's lunches (yes, I still make their lunches - because I can, and I want to - don't judge me - lol)!



My family means the world to me and always will. From youngest to oldest we have Casidie, Isaac (in Heaven), Cohen, Connor, Sarah and my husband Paul. I drop everything for them! It's the heart God gave me - to treasure my husband and our babies (including our beautiful daughter-in-law, Sarah). I know, they're not babies anymore, but they will ALWAYS be my favourite blessings!

After the family has begun their day, Paul and I get our business day going! WOOT! What a privilege! I love mornings!! Paul and I start with a "biz meeting" and we plan the day/week. Then we go boldly to bless and bake!

I used to do all of the baking but that has slowly evolved to Paul becoming the "production manager" (that's impressive lingo that really means,

he does most of the baking now).

I do bake too, but Paul is the "baking beast"! He is so strong! He is the company hero for sure! Together with our amazing employees (who will be featured in an upcoming Blog), Paul produces a multitude of muffins, a colossal cookie collection, a bountiful bevvy of brownies, and much much more! I look after a lot of the other responsibilities like: recipe development and improvements, research into new health information, visiting our stores and new customers, and communicating with our retail and wholesale partners. I also field all our phone calls, our internet inquiries/orders, and I post to our  social networking streams. I look after paying our staff and I do most of the in-store demonstrations at the stores that offer our products! All of this and more is absolutely required to serve with excellence! 


What did you know about Marci's Bakery before you started to read this blog? Is this the first time you are visiting?  Well, its worth restating  our mission, either way:

Marci's Bakery is a dream-filled, wholesale and growing retail bakery and...

we are passionate about looking after our brothers and sisters, especially those who cannot, or choose not to consume conventional baked goods, by feeding them better. We took it very seriously when we read this:

What does that mean to us? It means that we ARE our brothers' (and sisters') keeper.

We believe that absolutely everyone - including people with food allergies, food sensitivities, dietary restrictions, religious guidelines, health goals and everyone who eats- has the right to enjoy the gift of safe, beautiful, healthy, food. Our aim, every day, is to create and share this "beautiful food"! We consider ALL palates and ALL needs. Our baking, and soon to come, take-home meals, are all  love-loaded with nutrition, tastiness and can be enjoyed by everyone, worry-free. Anyone can eat our offerings and thrive! We believe that we each need to be loved and to be treated well. Our way of expressing  this is through the service of creating and serving food to everyone. We dream of and plan to reach people and pets everywhere. I  want you to feel loved when you visit my blog, when you browse our website, and when you eat something we've made for you or your pet! I want to inspire you to love and serve others, as well.

Here are some of the charities that we work with:


You can read about them in our Giving Back section of our NEW  MARCI'S BAKERY WEBSITE! 

(scroll up when you're finished reading and you can take a peak at our Giving Back and page and browse through our website)

Each and every day, we create delicious, nutrient-rich recipes that avoid most known food allergens.

We share our creations with everyone - those with and without food allergies, and those who are less fortunate – to ensure everybody has a "Love-Experience" when enjoying our cuisine and baking.

We are very "picky" about our ingredients. Here's what you can always rely on us for:

  • Freshest Possible
  • Nutrient Dense
  • Local (as much as possible)
  • NO SOY

You'll read in the "Meet Marci" section of our new website why we want to serve our brothers and sisters who have food allergies and who choose to eat healthfully and avoid various ingredients!  http://marcisbakery.com/pages/about-us

 It means the world to me that you would stop by, take a few minutes and read my first blog post. I would love to hear from you. If you have questions about our products, feedback on our new website, or simply want to say hi, please visit the comment section below.

I pray to earn your trust. I pray your life is bettered by our baking and cuisine. I pray you will visit often. 

When you check back, you'll find free recipes, fun stories, healthy information and regular inspiration!

Soon I will be revealing THE DATE AND LOCATION OF the OPENING of Marci's Bakery's new RETAIL OUTLET in Hamilton

Until we communicate again, please know that I care and that you can trust Marci's Bakery to provide you with much more than simply "baked goods". I would love your comments and questions! What do you want to read about? What have you always wanted to know about us? What is your favourite Marci's Product and why?

Last of all, may I ask: would you share my blog on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.? That will be a wonderful way for you to love and serve others with us.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and "Feeding You Well"! Thanks for checking out my very first blog post! I can't wait to hear from you (scroll down to add your comment, question and/or to share on social media)!

Love  - Marci





By Rachael D, on

I absolutely love your products Marci!! Neat to see your new blog :)

Oh, and for those visiting, you just have to try the Harvest Cookie!! My fav.

By Marci, on

I am replying to myself as a test! I just want to make sure I navigate this for everyone first!
Thank you for enjoying this journey with me!

By Kim, on

You are an inspiration to us all! Great products, so delicious. You wont be able to tell the difference and your body will love you for it!

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