Quick Update:

Marci's Bakery temporarily closed in Sept 2023.

Due to health challenges and the death of her 3 year old grand daughter, Georgia - Marci has decided to take time to heal while negotiating terms with the new owner. The plan is to look after her health and to serve her family. The new owner will work together with Marci to build an even better experience for you. So, stay tuned and check in frequently to follow us as we prepare for a great future!

Read Marci's story. It will be worth your time:

A  late bloomer, I started Marci’s Bakery after having a quiver full of children. This wasn’t the original plan. You see, I have always loved baking for people and had a particular draw to those with food allergies and sensitivities. I had already started a baking biz, freshly married and motivated. I had a new hubbie, we were having our babies and living the dream to serve delicious and healthy baked goods everywhere!

Sadly, an unexpected tragedy hit us hard when our 3rd full term child died during delivery. Our world and business came to a crashing halt.

After some years of recovery, I began again with 3 major goals:


Goal # 1: We had another baby! Hallelujah!

Goal # 2: I restarted the business with a fresh vision to serve people and help them enjoy fresh baking that was decadent, tasty and fully free from food allergens (gluten free, vegan, tree nut free, peanut free, dairy free, egg free, seafood/shellfish free, etc).

Many people, (used to), have no opportunity to enjoy a freshly baked delight! That is not okay! I constantly try to create for these sweet souls, and I’m always trying to do better (truly, I lay in bed at night thinking of new recipes and creative ideas). We regularly won awards. I believe this happened because: people, and the media, see the significance in what we’re doing, our baking tastes really good, and because there is a higher power at hand. (Another topic all together and if you’d like to talk to me about this, please reach out. I’d love to chat over our locally roasted, fair-trade coffee and maybe a baked good or two).

Goal #3: I wanted to serve our community, AND make a difference in our world. I couldn’t control the death of my own child, but maybe I could help other little ones not die. I was really moved by an organization in S. Africa called The Baby Savers - who rescues abandoned babies. This charitable organization sends out teams to rescue these wee ones in various places like garbage dumps, abandoned vehicles, on beaches and so on. They nurse them back to health and also adopt them out, or reunite them with their birth families. They also offer support, medicine and many other services. We support this cause regularly.

Today and Onward

I feel truly blessed to have had this second chance at achieving very worthy dreams.

However, in 2019, I acquired a rare auto immune disease and in 2023 I acquired another. Unfortunately this has meant several Doctor's appointments each month (which takes time away from the business and family). Along with this, my 2nd grand daughter was born in 2019, and 6 months later, the family learned that Georgia had a very rare syndrome called Lesch-Nyhan's.

Georgie was loved dearly while suffering many complications. Very sadly, she passed away on July 17.2023. The family was, and is devastated.

To all of you, who know us, thank you for all your love and support as our family navigates this very difficult time. Stay tuned. We are aiming at reopening in a better and more impactful way.

With love and good health to you and yours,

-Marci Prebianca-Upson and the Team






Retail Lead

Kind, creative, hard working, loyal.

Office Manager

Cheery, multi tasker, smart, always ready to take on a challenge.

Office Manager

Our pretty, part time “ray of sunshine”, whose always willing to work and give her very best!

Head Baker

A true natural in the bakery; a recipe creator, efficient, fun and humble.

Baker Assistant

Hard working, great attitude, constantly improving, smart.


Math genius, patient, forgiving, always-positive, ingenious.