Do you remember Lucy from Charles Schulz's Peanuts? She had a five-cent booth for people to come and get personal help. At a young age, when I saw that booth, I saw myself. I knew that I was meant to do this: Help provide solutions to peoples' needs and challenges.

I inherited the gift of baking from both of my grandmothers. Some of my fondest childhood memories include enjoying their love-filled healthy creations. To this day, I remember watching granny, (my mom's mother), bake the most amazing bread and cookies from scratch. I especially loved her homemade bread and dumplings! "Gramma", (My dad's mom), baked the most phenomenal squares, cookies and loaves. It really was the best of both worlds. I feel extremely fortunate to have grown up inspired by the love that I could actually taste in everything they made. I am very grateful to have inherited their abilities. Developing healthy recipes from scratch and creating flavourful, health-improving baked goods comes naturally to me. Honestly.

My love and knack for developing really delicious and healthy recipes, combined with my heart for people who have specific dietary needs, is the inspiration for Marci’s Bakery: a business of serving people: delicious, allergen-free baking that offers a warm, safe & tasty experience, with health improving benefits.

My driving force is to provide this warm and wonderful experience to everyone who desires it. Imagine... we'd all be so much happier! It was this motivation that lead me to pursue specialized training in Celiac Disease, Diet and Nutrition, and Food Science. I wanted to serve this nutrition-packed cuisine to everyone regardless of their allergies, food sensitivities or dietary restrictions.

Seeing people everywhere, enjoying our unique, love-filled baking makes my heart sing! It was vital to me that this very significant need be filled! Every day I wake up knowing that people everywhere are benefiting from Marci's Bakery's passionate efforts. Our team is so blessed to serve our community and our country. We don't take it lightly! We are truly grateful to be able to serve.

Feel welcome to send us a message on our Contact Us page. We'd love to hear from you.


Marci’s Bakery was established in 2012, a time when the world began to take a closer look at healthier eating habits. There was a growing demand for “life-enhancing foods” and Marci had already begun to provide healthy alternatives for her family and others.

Numerous hospitals, retail stores, hotels, nursing homes and many individual customers have welcomed our products. Along the way, Marci has shared her acquired knowledge through appearances on television, radio and in newspaper articles. Marci has also taught healthy baking classes at locations in Hamilton, Burlington and Waterdown, Ontario. As a result, more people now bake healthier and eat healthier, using gluten-free, vegan and high fibre ingredients, unrefined sweeteners and fats, and vegan protein sources!

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