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At Marci's Bakery, we are very conscientious about our ingredients, and routinely test our baked goods for allergens. All Marci's baked goods are free of the top ten food allergens and vegan.

We are located in Stoney Creek, Ontario with products in stores all over Ontario. Come and visit us at 221 Barton Street in Stoney Creek.

Marci’s Bakery Covid-19 Measures
Marci’s Bakery offers both in-store shopping (limited to 1 family or 2 visitors in the store at 1 time), curbside pick-up, and online shopping/delivery. Thanks you for your support and trust during the pandemic and always ❤

Meet Marci

A bit of a late bloomer, I started Marci’s Bakery after having a quiver full of children. This wasn’t the original plan. You see, I have always loved baking for people and had a particular draw to those with food allergies and sensitivities. I had already started a baking biz, freshly married and motivated. I had a new hubbie, we were havin’ our babies and living the dream to serve delicious and healthy baked goods everywhere!

Sadly, an unexpected tragedy hit us hard when our 3rd full term child died while being delivered. Our world and business came to a crashing halt.

After some years of recovery, I began with my first of 3 major goals: We had another baby! Hallelujah! 

Then the next goal; I restarted the business with fresh vision to serve people and help them enjoy fresh baking that was decadent, tasty and completely allergen free (gluten free, vegan, tree nut free, peanut free, dairy free, egg free, etc).

You see, I think that none should be left out, don’t you? Many, if it wasn’t for the allergen free bakers of the world, would have no opportunity to enjoy a freshly baked delight!  I think we’re doing a pretty good job. I mean, I always try to do better (truly, I lay in bed at night thinking of new recipes and creative ideas constantly). Still though, we keep winning awards and that is while being put up against all other bakeries. I think this happens because people, and the media are realizing the significance of what we are doing, our baking tastes really good, and because there is a higher power at hand (that’s another topic all together. If you ever want to talk to me about this, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d love to chat over our locally roasted, fairtrade coffee and maybe a baked good or two).

Goal #3: I didn’t only want to serve our immediate community, but wanted to make a difference in our world. I burn inside to save babies. I couldn’t control the death of my own child, but maybe I could help other little ones not die. I was really moved by an organization in S. Africa called The Baby Safe - who rescues abandoned babies. This charitable organization sends out teams to rescue these wee ones in various places like garbage dumps, abandoned vehicles, on beaches and so on. They then nurse them back to health while also adopting them out and/or reuniting them with their birth families by offering support, medicine and many other services. We support this cause regularly.

I feel very blessed to have this second chance at very worthy dreams. To those of you, who know us, thank you for all your love and support. To those who are new, we offer you a warm welcome. 

We encourage you to try our growing offerings - both on our online shop, ubereats and at the many shops in Ontario who offer our healthy, yummy, allergen free baked goods. We also make and offer keto/low carb/sugar free baked goods and many amazing life giving beverages!

In late 2020 we moved to a new and exciting location (221 Barton St  Stoney Creek, ON). This location will afford us the honour of serving our community through a retail outlet. It is a fabulous feeling to be able to bake for all the stores and hospitals we serve and our local community all under one roof! We invite you to visit us. We hope to open by the 2nd week of February 2021. 

Please also check out www.thebabysafe.org . Maybe you'd like to support them directly. Please let them know how you heard about them :)

Thank you for reading my story.

With love and good health to you and yours,

-Marci Prebianca

Marci’s Bakery was established in 2012, a time when the world began to take a closer look at healthier eating habits. There was a growing demand for “life-enhancing foods” and Marci had already begun to provide healthy alternatives for her family and others.

Numerous hospitals, retail stores, hotels, nursing homes and many individual customers have welcomed our products. Along the way, Marci has shared her acquired knowledge through appearances on television, radio and in newspaper articles. Marci has also taught healthy baking classes at locations in Hamilton, Burlington and Waterdown, Ontario. As a result, more people now bake healthier and eat healthier, using gluten-free, vegan and high fibre ingredients, unrefined sweeteners and fats, and vegan protein sources!


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