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Ingredient, Flour: Potato Starch 454g



Potato Starch is a staple in a gluten free pantry. 

It is a wonderful sauce and gravy thickener without the worry of using a wheat product or corn product.

When making your own blend of an all purpose flour blend, potato starch adds just the right amount of "lightness" so your flour blend isn't too heavy (and therefore won't cause tummy troubles). There are many of these recipes on line.

*Please note that potato starch IS NOT the same as potato flour.

Potato flour is made from whole peeled potatoes, cooked, dried, and ground into a fine, beige-colored powder. Potato starch is “washed” out of crushed potatoes, then dried to a fine, bright-white powder. ... Potato flour includes fiber, protein, and flavor, while potato starch is pure flavorless starch

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