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Ingredient, Flour: Sunflower Seed Flour (454g)



We take our healthy hulled sunflower seeds and grind them to use as a flour! Want a package or 2? You won't regret it!

So versatile, this amazing ingredient is healthy, high protein, low carb, and a great flour to substitute in your baking! You can even use this baking ingredient to add to vegan meatballs, burgers, meatloaf, etc. Substitute 1/4 cup of your usual flour and replace it with our sunflower flour to increase your protein, fiber, and good fat intake!

Here are various ways you can eat them:

  • Add to trail mix.
  • Stir into homemade granola bars.
  • Sprinkle on a salad.
  • Stir into hot or cold cereal.
  • Sprinkle over fruit.
  • Sprinkle over sautéed vegetables.
  • Add to veggie burgers.
  • Use in place of pine nuts in pesto.
  • Top casseroles.
  • Substitute 1/4 C of the flour in your recipe.
  • Add to baked goods, such as bread and muffins.
  • Dip an apple or banana in sunflower seed butter.
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