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Marci’s Bakery was birthed in love...love for people.  Her desire to serve is not only the reason Marci’s Bakery exists but it is what drives her daily.  Read on...


Baby SafeThe Baby Safe is a South African based organization dedicated to preventing “baby dumping,”, rescuing abandoned babies, and empowering parents in need. This volunteer-based organization has saved the lives of countless infants and provides the structure and services women and men in desperate situations need to feel empowered. 

In 2007, a man named Floyd McClung came to surprise the Pastor at Marci's church (Bob Leach). Pastor Floyd ran a Christian home for wayward youth in Kabul Afghanistan in the 70’s. This Pastor happened to be one of those youth and he gave his heart to Jesus, back in the 70’s, due to Pastor Floyd’s influence. The Pastor’s daughter, Marisa, searched for Pastor Floyd and in 2007 she arranged for him to come and surprise the Pastor. When P. Floyd spoke at the church that year, among other topics, he shared about a volunteer organization called The Baby Safe in South Africa (www.thebabysafe.org). Their mission is to prevent baby dumping, to intervene with abandoned babies, to support women in crisis and empower parents in need. "My heart leapt while watching a video about The Baby Safe that he shared with us that day. Seeing people searching through huge garbage dumps was barely bearable! I had to do something about this! I decided that day, in 2007, that I was going to restart my former bakery business so I would have the means to contribute to this organization. I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to save babies. In 2009 I flew to S. Africa to see where this was all birthed and to meet the woman in charge of "The Baby Safe". Over the next 5 years, I took on part time jobs and planned the opening of a "new and improved" health dedicated bakery. Covered in prayer and with a new focus, in January 2012, I started a new bakery business in Hamilton: Marci’s Bakery. This God-given dream business has 2 focuses:

1. To employ and train local employees to scratch-bake and wholesale delicious, healthy, allergen free baking.

2. To support The Baby Safe and help rescue and heal abandoned and dumped babies.

Since then, we continue to support this very worthwhile organization. We believe that saving abandoned babies and supporting parents is great motivation to keep our sweet little enterprise going!"





Marci’s Bakery supports the Down Syndrome Association of Hamilton’s annual fundraising event, The Hamilton Walk for Down Syndrome – the organization’s largest fundraiser. Each year, Marci's team sets up and greets attendees and offers tasty healthy baked goods to energize them for their walk to raise money for the HDSA.  Smiles and healthy eating information are freely shared as well.


Connections Cafe

Marci also volunteers at Connections Café. You will often find her there, serving guests and cleaning tables. Connections Café is a not-for-profit café that operates in a nondenominational church called Living Hope. The café serves delicious food and beverages, but most importantly, offers a safe, non-judgemental space to connect people looking for conversation, friendship and a welcoming environment. Marci’s Bakery also supplies Connections Café with baked goods at a deeply discounted rate.

Along with the café, Marci and Paul support the Living Hope Church as volunteers and members. Living Hope strives to create an environment for others to rethink church. With a diverse congregation of people of varying backgrounds, nations, races and ages, all are welcome regardless of whether they are exploring faith for the first time or already miles into the journey. This fantastic, life-changing place challenges present mindsets about church and encourages transformation.


 The chance to help others by purchasing, sharing and/or enjoying Marci's Bakery healthy treats is an added bonus!

Please know that when you support Marci’s Bakery you are supporting several causes. We thank you for helping us improve the lives of infants, children, women, and men. We hope you feel as blessed as we do for this opportunity to truly make a difference for people who need a hand up, and even helping to provide them the means to help themselves. It is an honour to serve others.

We encourage you to learn more about these amazing organizations. Please join us in our pursuit to improve the lives of others. Volunteer in your community; donate to the agencies and organizations we support, and/or purchase our healthy, life giving, baking and cuisine so we can continue to bless these people.  

With great gratitude - Marci and Marci's Bakery Staff