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Pantry Items: "Budder"! 200g. Vegan, Gluten Free, Nut Free! Perfect to Replace Butter for Your Recipes and Even On Muffins, Scones, Toast, Potatoes, Veggies, etc.

$12.00 $9.00 -25%


Do you long to make recipes with butter again?

Perhaps you are vegan, you're avoiding dairy and/or you cannot eat butter?

We have your "Budder" right here and we can ship it to you!

Measure for measure our "budder will give you the  butter taste you're craving and just wait till you taste the results!!

Our "Budder' is great for:

keto and low carb lifestyles

to use in recipes

to spread on toast, waffles, pancakes and other baked goods

and all the things you use butter for.

Drop us a line and/or send us a picture to be featured in our newsletter and social media showing us what you used it for  


(Ingredients in vegan "budder": canola and sunflower oils (74%,), water, modified palm oil 6%, salt, lactic acid, less than .0001% soy lecithin).

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