Marci's Gluten-Free, Vegan Bakery

Muffins: Keto Cranberry. 400g. 8 Family Sized Muffins Filled with Fresh Cranberries. Keto/Low Carb



Have you been missing muffins due to following a low carb or keto regimen? Well your dream has come true!! 

These muffins are a must-have in your arsenal of keto yumminess! We have carefully created this recipe to bless your belly and your ongoing efforts to love yourself with the right food choices!

With the tart cranberry burst in each mouthful and the just-right crunch of fresh raw pumpkin seeds, not only will you be satiated, you'll be in love!!

These muffins are also family sized and are perfect for breakfast,  a snack or to accompany lunch.

They come in 2 packs of 4.

Remember, these award winning muffins are also free from Canada's Top 10 Food Allergens (gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, sesame, sulphites, eggs, dairy, seafood/shellfish, mustard, soy).

Stock up so you're never without a go-to keto treat!

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