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Low Carb/Keto Care Variety Pack: 3.5-4 kgs. $94.95 for a $135 value! A beautiful Assortment of Low Carb and Keto Bread, Baking, and Mixes; also Great For Diabetics!

$135.00 $94.95 -30%


In an effort to help care for everyone who needs or desire low carb and/or keto bread and baking, we have put together this discounted package of healthy and tasty baking at a deeply discounted price. Feel free to order this healthy pack for yourself, your household and/or to send to loved ones - as many times as you like.

We've also included free shipping.

We will keep this discounted deal going as long as we are able :)

Please specify in the special note section at check out, who you want us to deliver to, if this is not to be shipped to your address.

1 Loaf Pure Bread (keto/low carb, hearty loaf of healthy, delicious, moist, allergen-free bread)

8 Large Nun-Buns (keto/low carb tasty, moist, satisfying, healthy and allergen free)

8 Keto Cranberry Muffins (keto/low carb, higher fibre, family sized muffins and allergen free, of course)

6 assorted large keto cookies (super yummy and satisfying, large keto cookies, including decadent chocolate cookies, and a cinnamon-y crunch cookies. Allergen free too, of course)

18  Marci's Bakery Keto Bites (we'll give you our best and tastiest available. Allergen free and snack-tasty)

1 Keto/Low Carb Baking Mix (make one of the keto recipes on the back of the package or use this flour in your cookie and bar recipes, or use as thickener/or addition to sauces. Also, great in meatballs, meat loaf (vegan and no vegan).

Hint* Order our Pantry Items to have all the ingredients you need for baking and snacking. (pumpkin seeds, flax meal, sunflower seeds, etc.) Visit our Pantry item collection:

As an added touch, order a personalized gift message card for your loved one(s)



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