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Coffee, Muffins and Scones Variety Package! $50 for a $64 Box filled WithVintage Coffee Roasters Fair Trade, Organic and Locally Roasted Coffee Paired With Marci's Bakery Big, Beautiful Muffins and Scones!

$64.00 $50.00 -22%


A perfect gift to get for yourself and/or send to others!! 

Created out of the desire to create new options while blessing other local businesses (due to COVID 19), we came up with this beautiful idea and made it a reality!

You can now enjoy fresh coffee and homemade muffins and scones!

We've partnered with our friends at Vintage Coffee Roasters (Hamilton, ON), to bring you the best coffee around. Then we've added our mondo, moist muffins and sweet and special scones! How ideal is this package?!!

You'll get 4 fresh beautiful muffins (2 of our Banana Chocolate Chip and 2 of our Pumpkin), and then we'll add 4 sweet scones (2 of our Apple Raisin and 2 of our Chocolate Cranberry) 

For the Coffee, we have:

1.Kokowagayo, Sumatran (Dark Roast)

2. La Esperanza, Nicaraguan (Medium Roast)

3. Decaf Blend, Peruvian (Dark Roast)

We will add #1 or #2 to your gift box.

*If you would prefer decaf or you'd like to choose one of the other two specific coffees, please indicate in the note section in the check out/cart process.


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