Marci's Gluten Free, Vegan, Nut Free Bakery

Cookies: 6 Pure Vanilla Love



Oh dang these cookies are pure Heaven! They may become your new favourite!

They taste like a maple vanilla shortbread annnd... you don't have to deal with the gluten, dairy (or any other allergen for that matter).

Perfect for your coffee or tea break and to serve to your beloved guests and work mates! 

Due to the cost of pure vanilla, these babies are a bit more than our other cookies, BUT, worth every mouthful!!

Since you get 6 gigantic cookies, store them and take one out every time you want to give some pure love to yourself or others <3

Here is what a loving customer wrote to us about these cookies:


"Hey wrecked me with those Pure Vanilla Cookies!!!!!!! 

Those are now my favorites, can I order some?"

And, another comment: "I am in heaven! They have that amazing crunch to them that makes your mouth party!"


Marci's Light Flour Blend (brown rice flour, white rice flour, potato starch, tapioca flour), vegan "budder", organic cane, pure vanilla, maple extract, xanthan gum.

(ingredients in vegan "budder": canola and sunflower oils (74%,), water, modified palm oil 6%, salt, lactic acid, less than .0001% soy lecithin)

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