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Marci's Bakery, Vegan & Gluten-Free

Variety Package: Seasonal Offerings: Coffee, Cookies, Bites! (Hint: People Love this Package!)

$56.00 $50.00 -11%


We've partnered with our friends at Vintage Coffee Roasters to bring you the best coffee around. Then we've added our famously yummy cookies and a package of brownie bites with this coffee! 

Enjoy fresh coffee and homemade deliciously healthy cookies for only $50! 

All products are vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free! Safe for everyone to eat!

This variety pack includes:

  • 3 of our Harvest Morning Cookies
  • 3 of our Ginger Ninja Cookies
  • 3 of our Queen of Tarts Cookies
  • And a full package of our Brownie Life Bites! 

And for the Coffee, we have:

  1. Kokowagayo, Sumatran (Dark Roast) Fairtrade and Organic
  2. La Esperanza, Nicaraguan (Medium Roast) Fairtrade and Organic
  3. Decaf Blend, Peruvian (Dark Roast) Fairtrade and Organic

Please choose one and include it in the notes section of the cart.

Order our allergen-free pantry items to have all the ingredients you need for baking and snacking. 

As an added touch, order a personalized gift message card for your loved ones 

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