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Bread: "Keto Ugly" A 650g Loaf of Super Low Carb, Vegan, Gluten Free, Nut Free, Fantastic Tasting Bread... that doesn't look as pretty as our regular bread

$13.00 $9.00 -31%


Have you ever taken every loving step to make a beautiful loaf of bread, and maybe you even prayed before you put it in the oven.... only to take the bread from the oven when it was finished baking and... to your dismay, it didn't look like the picture perfect loaf you were dreaming of? I know, so so saddening, right? BUT then, the silver lining was, you got your bread knife and sliced a few pieces and you were in heaven when you ate it?

This proves 2 things:

1. Prayer works, even when it doesn't seem to.

2. Looks are deceiving!

We love baking bread! For reasons we have not fully figured out yet, sometimes our bread doesn't look so pretty when it comes out of the oven... but it tastes fantastic!!

So, we thought: "there's got to be others like us, who still would love to eat this bread! Why don't we discount it, even though it weighs the same as the other loaves, and even though we put all the same love and care into making it" (some particulars about what makes our "Keto Ugly" Bread "less than dreamy" are: it sunk in the middle, it has lumps and/or bumps on the top, a tiny piece of a corner is missing, it didn't rise as high). 

So please take full advantage! We want you to love it and enjoy it! Even if it doesn't "look" as lovely as the others, it tastes just as amazing, if not better!

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